Environmental Sustainability and the Games

The City of Mississauga is very proud to be hosting the 2022 Ontario Parasport Games and Ontario Summer Games. As a City, we are committed to safeguarding our environment for families and future generations to enjoy. This includes reducing our carbon footprint, protecting and expanding our green spaces, and encouraging environmentally responsible actions and behaviour changes.

Check out how we are working to #greenthegames!


  • Providing free public transit to all volunteers to and from the Games
  • Utilizing hybrid-electric buses
  • Ensuring bike racks are accessible at City venues


  • Ensuring all facilities have the appropriate garbage and recycling containers for athletes and attendees
  • Implementing a waste sorting station at athlete food hall, including organics
  • Creating access to water refilling stations for athletes and attendees

Sustainable Procurement

  • Ensuring relevant organizing staff receive training on the City of Mississauga’s Sustainable Procurement Policy
  • Implementing responsible sourcing practices for goods and services

Environmental Sustainability and You!

Check out some simple actions you and your family can take to reduce your carbon footprint at the 2022 Ontario Parasport Games and Ontario Summer Games.

Getting to the Games

Consider taking low-carbon or no-carbon transportation to the game!

Did you know? Mississauga has more than 500 km of paths, trails and bike lanes to get you to where you need to go!

Biking and walking are great ways to get to the games, get some exercise, and reduce your personal carbon footprint. Map your route to the venue here:

Did you know? One MiWay bus takes approximately 40 cars off the road!

The City of Mississauga has a number of bus routes that can take you to any venue at the games! Check out the MiWay transit schedule and plan your trip here:

Coming from out of town? Map your best public transit route to the venue:

Waste Management

Large events can produce vast amounts of waste. We need your help to keep waste to a minimum, and ensure the proper sorting and recycling of waste in the appropriate containers.

Did you know? A single-use plastic bottle may take up to 1,000 years to decompose!

Where feasible, bring your own reusable water bottles and/or food containers. All City of Mississauga indoor facilities have a water refiling station for you to use at your convenience.

Need water on your route to the venue? Check out the Blue W website to find your nearest water refilling station:

Did you know? Different municipalities, recycle different items. In the City of Mississauga, take-out coffee cups and lids belong in the garbage! You can however recycle your coffee cup sleeve.

Other items that need to go in the garbage are bottle caps, plastic straws, and disposable masks and gloves.

At City facilities, you will find garbage and recycling containers for your waste. Not sure how to sort? Check out the Region of Peel website:

Looking beyond the games?

Take more action at home!

Check out the resources below to learn how you can reduce your personal carbon footprint and lead a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle!

Looking for more?

Check out the City of Mississauga’s resources to find out what else the City is doing to advance climate action and environmental sustainability.

Don’t forget to have your say on other City of Mississauga initiatives!